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Professional Team

Different types of expertises for different kinds of help
Mursal Alizada
Fonder & CEO
Mursal has been involved in gender equality and women empowerment since 2017. She dedicated professional with a strong background in human rights, gender equality, and development. She is a committedadvocate on improving the lives of vulnerable communities, especially women and individuals with disabilities.
Friba Akbaryar
Board director
Friba Akbaryar who is founder and president of Equal Right and Development (ERDO). Akbaryar got her MBA from Symbiosis International University – SIU, Pune, India and has worked in the fields of leadership, development and rights of women and persons with disabilities for nearly a decade.
Bruno Fernandes
Co-fonder & IT development
Graduated in different fields of visual communication arts as well as socio-professional master. Bruno uses his knowledge to help others achieving their goals.

« l'inclusion ne se débat pas, elle se pratique »
Manuela Palluat-Natural
Board director
Graduated in University of Geneva, she has been a history teacher. She is specialist in "Welcome Classes" bringing together young migrants as part of intensive French learning and their integration in Geneva. Her specialization in the cultural diversity reigning in her field of work has been a permanent source of enrichment for all at the same time as learning to respect each other's customs.
Hafizullah Nadiri
Research assistant
Experience of working in an international and diverse environmentField experience in the Middle East/South Asia.
Been improving his research and writing abilities about regional and international human rights systems.
ERRD-GE aims to provide families, groups, and individuals with opportunities to actively participate in social, economic, political, and cultural activities in the host society or in their own communities. ERRD-GE believes that a bottom-up approach for the enhancement of diaspora participation and inclusion is more effective. Therefore, a Diaspora Network is being formed in Geneva Switzerland to mobilize diasporas to stand for their rights and take up more responsibilities in integration.

ERRD-GE respects and fulfills its objectives in the light of principles of human rights, non-discrimination, non-politics, neutrality, impartiality, transparency, and professionalism.

ERRD-GE is functioning under three different divisions: Inclusion and integration, Quality and Quantity Research, and Networking.

Our mission

ERRD-GE’s mission is to support and facilitate the effective participation and integration of migrants, through a solid and efficient integration process.

Our vision

ERRD-GE strives to see the participation of everyone in social, economic, and cultural activities.